1. Submit an application on ApplyTexas.

    Majors are listed on the application in alphabetical order. Please be sure to select the “Online” version of your major.

  2. Pay a non-refundable $70 application fee. 
  3. Submit your official transcripts. UTSA accepts transcripts through Electronic Parchment, E-Script PDF and Naviance. Learn how to submit your transcripts.
  4. Submit your test scores. Learn more about test score requirements.

See freshmen and transfer admission requirements below.


  • All documentation (transcripts and test scores) must be submitted by the admissions deadline (not postmarked). An admissions decision is not rendered until the applicant’s file is complete.
  • You’ll be notified when UTSA receives your ApplyTexas application, and you’ll be given a myUTSA ID so you can check your admission status.
  • Please note offers of admission are valid only for the semester indicated in the acceptance letter.
  • All documents in support of an application become the property of UTSA and cannot be returned.
  • Students who are admitted to the university are not guaranteed admission to a specific program.
  1. Visit the Graduate Online Application
  2. Create an account and submit an application.
  3. Pay your application fee: $50 for domestic or $90 for international applicants. 
  4. Submit your official transcripts to graduate.documents@utsa.edu or
    One UTSA Circle
    Attn: The Graduate School
    San Antonio, TX 78249


Guaranteed Admissions
HS Class Rank Old SAT* New SAT* ACT
Top 25% no minimum no minimum no minimum
Second 25% 1100 SAT 1170 SAT 24 ACT
Admission by Committee Review
HS Class Rank Old SAT* New SAT* ACT
Second 25% ≥ 900 SAT ≥ 980 SAT ≥ 19 ACT
Third 25% ≥ 1000 SAT ≥ 1080 SAT ≥ 21 ACT
Fourth 25% ≥ 1100 SAT ≥ 1170 SAT ≥ 24 ACT
Home school or GED Students There is no minimum SAT/ACT score, but scores must be submitted from the testing agency.
  • Old SAT (SAT taken prior to March 2016) combines Math + Critical Reading
  • New SAT (SAT taken March 2016 and after) combines Math + Evidence-Based Reading & Writing

  • Class Rank: High school class ranking is required for graduates of accredited public or private high schools. For applicants whose high school transcript does not present a rank, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will assign a rank.
  • Test Scores: Test scores must be submitted from the testing agency. UTSA’s code for ACT is 4239. UTSA’s code for the SAT is 6919.
  • Committee Review: Meeting the stated scores for Committee Review does not guarantee admission. If you are to be considered for admission through committee review, submission of essay A and two letters of recommendation are highly suggested.
  • Dual Credit: If you’ve received dual college credits, please submit official college transcripts (not required for a decision).
  • Military Credit: If you’ve received military credits, please submit your Joint Service Transcript.
  • Early Admission: If graduating early from high school, submit a recommendation letter from your guidance counselor.
Guaranteed Admissions
Transferable Credits* Minimum GPA (4.0 Scale)
< 12 hours 2.25 Transfer GPA & must meet freshmen requirements*
12-29 hours 2.75 Transfer GPA or 2.25 Transfer GPA & must meet freshmen requirements*
≥ 30 hours 2.25 Transfer GPA
  • All transfer applicants must meet the minimum GPA listed above based on completed transferable credit hours (not including dual credit) and be eligible to return to their most recent institution.
  • Dual Credit & Work in Progress: Dual credit and coursework in progress do not count toward a transfer student’s transferable credit hours. All attempted work is considered. Repeated courses are not excluded.
  • Freshmen Requirements: Transfer applicants who must meet freshmen requirements must submit an official high school transcript and SAT/ACT score from the testing agency.

Will my courses transfer?


UTSA Transfer Credit Calculator

The UTSA Transfer Credit Calculator will let you estimate how many credits could transfer to your desired degree program at UTSA. Personalized to a student’s major, this calculator will let Future Roadrunners record every college credit they’ve earned from past institutions and will show them which ones could transfer to UTSA. After students record all of their credits, the calculator will then generate a detailed report that lists the credits. It also displays a percentage that shows how close they are to earning their degree at UTSA for their selected major, positioning them for success in their college career.

Community College Transfer Plans

Transfer Equivalency plans have been articulated with 14 community colleges to guarantee courses will be applied towards the intended degree. Each transfer plan is specific to a school, a catalog year and a degree program, and the plan indicates exactly what classes to take at the community college. In accordance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, all core classes have been issued a core component code (010-090). If the core is completed at any Texas public institution, it will transfer as a whole and substitute for the core at UTSA. Transfer plan completion does not guarantee admission. Please refer to the catalog for additional major admission requirements.

Credit Awarding Policy and Resources

UTSA awards credit for college-level transfer coursework from regionally accredited institutions. Check CollegeSource online to see whether your college or university is regionally accredited through the College Source website.

Policy for Non-accredited Institution

Admitted students may submit a petition for credits to the related major academic department to receive credit earned from a non-regionally accredited college or university. Based on course level, rigor, quality, comparability, and degree program relevance, credits may be awarded on an individual basis at the discretion of the major academic department.

Texas Common Course Numbering System

The Texas Common Course Numbering (TCCN) System may be used to compare course transferability among institutions. The UTSA Core Curriculum may be printed out to compare TCCNs and prerequisites. You can also access the most current UTSA Undergraduate Catalog and Information Bulletin to review specific topics, degrees, course descriptions, and more.


Academic Fresh Start Program

Under Texas Education Code, Section 51.931, a Texas resident may apply for admission to an institution of higher education and, at the same time, request that the institution ignores all academic course credits or grades earned 10 or more years prior to the start date of the semester for which the applicant seeks admission. An applicant who elects to take advantage of Academic Fresh Start cannot pick the course, credits or grades that are to be eliminated from consideration. All course grades or credits must be excluded.

Appeal for Undergraduate Admission

Applicants for admission and admitted students have the right to appeal decisions of the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Students requesting an appeal must do so by submitting the Appeal for Undergraduate Admission form and any other requested documents as outlined on the form (available under Download Forms on the Undergraduate Admissions website).

The appeal must be received by the Appeal Deadline for the term of the application. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or UTSA holiday will be extended until 5:00 p.m. the following business day.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester August 1
Spring Semester December 15
Summer Semester May 15

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