How to Register for Classes

Registration Eligibility

Registration usually opens a couple of months before the semester begins and your registration date is determined by your student classification. You will register for your courses in ASAP. Before registration opens, it is best to review your Registration Status, take care of any registration holds, and start planning your schedule.

We want to make sure you are ready to go once registration opens up for you. Your Registration Status will let you know if you are all set to register or if you have anything you need to take care that would prevent registration.

  • Log into ASAP
  • Click the “Student Services” tab
  • Click “Check Your Registration Status”
  • Select the term you wish to view

There are various registration holds that can prevent you from registering. You should check your holds regularly to ensure you are eligible to register the upcoming semester. Have a hold? Don’t worry. We encourage you to work with the respective office to resolve any holds so you can register.

  • Log into ASAP
  • Click the “Student Services” tab
  • Click “Student Records”
  • Click “View Your Hold(s)”

Below are some common holds that prevent registration. We encourage you to resolve any registration holds quickly so you can register on time and to secure the schedule you want. You can view all holds in ASAP.

Admission Hold

Students who have an admission hold often have it due to missing official transcripts (final high school or college/university transcripts). ASAP will provide more information on the type of outstanding document(s), so you can turn it in as quickly as possible to One Stop.

Orientation Hold

All first-time undergraduate students (freshman, freshman-transfers, and transfers) must complete orientation before they can register. You can sign up for orientation through ASAP. Once you have completed orientation, the hold will be removed. For more information, visit

Probation or Dismissal Hold

Students who have been academically dismissed and reinstated on probation must speak with an academic advisor. Please reach out to them to take care of your hold so you can register for classes next semester. Find out more information about your hold on ASAP.

Advising Hold

In order to stay on track with your degree, you will need to occasionally meet with an academic advisor. If you have an advising hold, you are required to speak with your Academic Advisor. Please reach out to them to take care of your hold so you can register for classes next semester. Find out more information about your hold on ASAP.

Graduate School Hold

This hold requires you to speak with the Graduate School. Please contact the Graduate School at 210-458-4331 to learn more about your hold and how to resolve it.

Financial Hold

This hold is typically placed when you have an outstanding balance with UTSA. You can make a payment on ASAP or contact Fiscal Services at 210-458-8000 (Option 4) for questions.

International Hold

If you have a registration hold related to you being an international student, please log into ASAP to view your hold and complete what is needed. If you have an “International Programs” hold, please contact them at 210-458-7202.

Student Conduct Hold

If you have a student conduct hold, please contact Student Conduct and Community Standards at 210-458-4720 to resolve your hold.

TSI Hold

You have a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) hold on your account that prevents you from registering. If you need assistance with test score retrievals, developmental course registration, or TSI advising, contact TSI Programs at 210-458-4498 or email If you need to schedule your TSI assessment, you can do this online through ASAP. You will first need to complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PPA). If you have questions about taking the TSI exam, you can contact Testing Services at 210-458-4125 or email

Library Hold

If you have a library hold, please contact the UTSA Libraries at 210-458-4889 to resolve your hold.

Other Holds

If you do not see one of your holds listed, we would encourage you to contact the department that placed the hold on your account for more information. You can also contact an Online Programs enrollment counselor so they can assist you.

Registering For Classes

Read below for instructions on how to register for classes and important information about course registration.

  1. Log into ASAP
  2. Click on “Student Services”
  3. Click on “Registration”
  4. Click on “Schedule of Classes
  5. Filter for your desired courses using the options for: “Term,” “Subject,” “Course Number,” and “Part of Term” (if searching for summer classes).
  6. Disregard the “Attributes” and “Time Blocks” options.
  7. Under the “Campus” filter, be sure to select “Online Campus only.”
  8. Write down the CRNs for the course(s) you wish to register for.

  1. In ASAP, click on “Student Services”
  2. Click on “Register for classes, add/drop classes, withdraw from the university”
  3. Enter the CRN(s) for the course(s) you wish to register for into the “ADD classes” worksheet
  4. Click “Submit Changes”
  1. In ASAP, click on “Student Services”
  2. Click on “Registration”
  3. Click on “Student Detail Schedule”
  1. From the “Registration” page, you can add a class by entering another CRN.
  2. From the “Registration” page, you can drop* a class by selecting the “drop” action from your current schedule.
  3. From the “Registration” page, you can waitlist a class by selecting the “Waitlist” action from the drop-down menu. Visit Waitlisting for more information. *

*You cannot “drop” your last class. You must withdraw from the university. If you are trying to change out your last class for a different class, drop the course and add the new CRN all in the same transaction before hitting submit.

If you are considering withdrawing from the university, please contact your Academic Advisor for further assistance.

  • Please be aware that if you register for classes and are subsequently found to be ineligible due to prior academic performance, you will be withdrawn.
  • UTSA does not guarantee the availability of courses or sections and admission is permitted only until the maximum number of students has been reached. UTSA reserves the right to cancel any course or section if there aren’t enough students registered to warrant its continuation.
  • Undergraduates seeking to register for or to add a graduate course must obtain the special approvals specified in the undergraduate section. Find more information can be found in Student Polices.
  • You may not register at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the same time. If you have been admitted at the graduate level but previously registered as an undergraduate for this semester, you must cancel the undergraduate registration before registering at the higher level. Contact the Graduate School at 210-458-4330 for assistance.

Late registration permits students who have been admitted to UTSA to register for classes during an allotted time just prior to and at the beginning of the semester as indicated in the online registration calendar each semester. Since many courses will have been closed at capacity, late registrants may need to select their courses from a reduced schedule. Students are not permitted to register after the close of the late registration period, except in extenuating circumstances. See the section “Adding Courses After Online Registration is Closed.”

If you add a course after the Online Registration period, then you’ll need the approval of both the course instructor and the chair of the department offering the course. A late registration form may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar. After the Census Date, students may not add courses except in extremely rare and extenuating circumstances as approved by the dean of the college offering the course and by the Dean of University College for undergraduate courses.

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