Students who have been admitted to UTSA (or re-admitted) will need to complete the following process.

  1. Get Rowdy Ready and Register for Classes

    Your Rowdy Ready checklist is designed to help you understand and keep track of your to-do items, which will include meeting TSI testing requirements, completing New Student Orientation and Advising, and registering for classes.

  2. Pay Tuition

    Make your tuition payment or ensure that you have completed all requirements for your financial aid to disburse by the payment deadline. See the payment options.

  3. Prepare for the First Day of Classes

    When school starts, you will access your courses through Blackboard Learn. You can view your course schedule in ASAP or the Academic calendar to verify when your first day of class is.

You can check your personal Rowdy Ready status in real-time on your ASAP student account. Once you log in, click the Future Roadrunner tab and scroll to the “for ADMITTED STUDENTS” section to find your Rowdy Ready link. This area will only be available for students who are admitted to UTSA.

Check Rowdy Ready in real time!

Your Rowdy Ready Instructions

Complete any missing Rowdy Ready items in the order they are listed on your checklist. See below for more information on completing each step.

Your myUTSA ID (abc123) is your primary student ID at UTSA. You’ll need it to log into almost everything including ASAP, the Air Rowdy wireless network, on-campus computers, Blackboard Learn and more.


Activating your myUTSA ID

After applying to UTSA, you should receive an email from with a link and instructions to activate your myUTSA ID account. Once activated, you will use your myUTSA ID and passphrase to log into just about everything here, including your student portal called “ASAP” (pronounced “a-sap”).

I didn’t get an activation email
If you didn’t receive your activation email or need help, contact the One Stop Enrollment Center at 210-458-8000. They will be able to resend you an activation email, after confirming your identity.

I forgot my password
If you need to reset your password/passphrase, visit the UTSA Passphrase Portal.

I activated myUTSA ID, but I can’t access ASAP
If you’re unable to access ASAP, click the Forgot/Reset Passphrase link on the ASAP page to reset your login information. If you can’t reset the passphrase (because you didn’t set up contact/reset information), contact One Stop Enrollment Center at 210-458-8000 for the link to be re-sent.


What is ASAP?

ASAP is the student portal that allows you to access most of your student information and academic records at UTSA.

As an incoming student, ASAP will help you:

  • Check your admission status
  • Check your Rowdy Ready status
  • Reserve your Orientation session
  • Review and accept your financial aid award
  • Register for testing

When you become a current student, ASAP will be your source to:

  • Register for classes
  • Check your grades
  • Review any holds on your account
  • Pay your UTSA bill
  • Apply for graduation

During your time as a Roadrunner, we’ll be emailing you important information that could pertain to financial aid and registration.

All official UTSA correspondence is sent to your preferred email address, as indicated on ASAP. We send important information, so make sure we’re in touch.

Here are a few things to know to make sure you stay connected:

  • After you activate your myUTSA ID, you’ll be issued a new myUTSA email account.
  • Your preferred address is automatically set to your new myUTSA email.

Students may need to submit the following transcripts, if applicable. After submitting your documents, you may check ASAP to see if your hold has been removed and verify the documents have been received by UTSA.


  • Freshman students will need to submit their final high school transcript. This is necessary in order to receive your financial aid disbursement.
  • Students who had dual credit work will need to submit their final college transcripts.


  • Transfer students who had work in progress (WIP) at the time of applying will need to submit final copies of their official transcripts.
Submit Your Transcripts and Test Scores

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state mandate required for all incoming students to be assessed in the areas of math, reading and writing. Unless you’re exempt, you’ll need to take it and report your score to UTSA before Orientation.

How do I complete my TSI requirement?
You can either:

Why is TSI important?
Your TSI status will determine what level of courses you can register for. If you are exempt or have successfully passed all three sections of the TSI Assessment, you will be able to register for all entry-level college courses. However, if you failed to meet the minimum passing scores, you will be placed in remedial or developmental coursework, which is designed to prepare you for college-level courses in the areas that you fell below the TSI minimum requirements.

Orientation is a requirement for all students admitted to an online degree program.  The orientation experience for online students is self-paced and will answer many of your questions and prepare you for your first semester at UTSA.

Sign Up for Orientation
In order to sign up for your online Orientation, you must be admitted to an online degree program at UTSA and have already activated your my UTSAid.

When Orientation Opens

Admitted for Spring Term Opens in October
Admitted for Summer Term Opens in March
Admitted for Fall Term Opens in March

How Do I Sign Up for Orientation?
Orientation is required for all incoming freshmen and transfers. To sign up for Orientation, you must login to your ASAP student portal account.

  1. Log into ASAP and click the “Future Roadrunner” tab and click “Sign Up for Orientation.”
  2. Follow the onscreen step-by-step instructions, which includes selecting your Orientation date and paying an Orientation deposit.
  3. Optional: Print the confirmation page for your records
  4. On the confirmation page, click the link to access the UTSA Online

You will need to complete your New Student Orientation in order to make an advising appointment and be eligible to register for classes.

The orientation for online students will consist of:

  • An introduction to online learning
  • An overview of academic advising services
  • Important information specific to your major
  • Instructions on how to sign up for your advising appointment

At the end of your New Student Orientation, you’ll be able to schedule your first academic advising appointment. This advisor will:

  • Review your degree plan with you
  • Help you select which classes to register for
  • Teach you about available resources UTSA students have access to

Please Note: Scheduling an appointment will not clear your Rowdy Ready status. After you’ve completed your appointment, your status will update.

Registration Eligibility
Registration usually opens a couple of months before the semester begins and your registration date is determined by your student classification. You will register for your courses in ASAP. Before registration opens, it is best to review your Registration Status, take care of any registration holds, and start planning your schedule.

Learn How to Register for Classes

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